Sadr Amin Company

Sadrpaper Navid Co. is the first established company that is affiliated with Sadr group that could be considered the origin of Sadr group, which was rebranded in the year 2020 to Sadr Amin Company. After years of constant efforts and due to the successful experience of the Sadr group chairman in the field of stationery, engineering, and haberdashery, the Sadr paper Navid Co. After gaining extensive experience in various areas of imports and production in the country, this group proudly began its activities in the field of importing various steel sheets.
They are motivated to, in this area, similar to their other activities, successfully offer and meet the specific needs of the country and gain the satisfaction of customers. The scope of Sadr Amin Company's activity is the import of various steel sheets in bulk, and the management has been able to handle all matters related to the import of steel sheets, including purchasing, order registration, currency affairs, and customs clearance, by selecting qualified team members and creating an experienced team.
One of the key areas of Sadr Amin Company's activities in the field of importing various steel sheets includes black sheets, colored sheets, and galvanized sheets. Due to its excellent performance in this field, it has been able to attract the attention and trust of well-known customers and become a leading company in the country. The result of years of successful effort, disciplined teamwork, proper leadership, and customer-centric approach within the Sadr Group has led to its success, expansion, and development, making the formation and realization of the Sadr Group one of its successful outcomes.


The mission of Sadr Amin Co. is to provide and supply the special needs of the country along with high-quality steel coil supply at a reasonable price for different guilds. To realize and establish this, Sadr Amin has been a frontier in this field for years and is still developing



Sadr Amin Co. tries to establish itself as one of the best choices of customers by using modern knowledge and information and knowledgeable and experienced employees

Sadr Amin Co. goals

In the meantime, Sadr Amin Co. proudly attempts to present itself as the best steel sheets supplier of the country, and in this way, is working with full capacity and internationally.

Therefore, it pursues the supply and sale of the following items while creating and establishing the quality management system:

  • Sale increase in internal and exporting markets
  • enhancing the product variety
  • Product management in the consumer market
  • expanding its activity in special guilds and participating in new industries
  • To act as a strong support factor in developing the Sadr group
  • Developing the supply of high-quality steel sheets required by the country.
  • enhancing the employee knowledge quality levels by using education