Modified adhesive performance evaluation

Modified adhesive performance evaluation

Performance review of modified rapeseed flour adhesive in plywood production

This research aimed to review the Performance of modified rapeseed flour adhesive in plywood production. For this purpose, first, rapeseed flour was separately modified with sodium hydroxide and urea/sodium hydroxide. Then, different percentages of isocyanate (5, 15, and 30%) were added to the resulting slurry based on the dry weight of rapeseed flour to create crosslinks between protein molecules.

The results showed that the shear dry strength of the samples increased significantly compared to the unmodified adhesive with increasing alkali and urea in rapeseed flour adhesive. Increasing the amount of isocyanate in the adhesives also further improved this property. In this study, the shear dry strength of all modified adhesives exceeded the level of EN -314-2 standard.

Chemical modification of the adhesives also improved their water resistance, with some behaving similarly or close to the urea-formaldehyde adhesive in the immersion/drying sequences.